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Raritan Bay Fishing Report 

Recently, in Raritan bay, fishing has taken off. Many Stripers have been caught along with some Bluefish. Most of the Stripers are around 15 to 25 lbs. Some larger fish have been caught with reports of 30 lb. fish being caught and some 40 lb. fish. Most fish have been caught on bunker. Bunker has been very abundant in Great Kills Harbor. Most of the bunker is in the back of the harbor. Most are in large schools and can be caught using a cast net. If you are looking to use bunker as bait, your best option is anchoring up and chunking . You can chunk just about anywhere in 16 to 30 feet of  water. Most fish  caught off chunks are smaller, but with so many around, it makes for a action packed trip. Some anglers have reported catching Stripers in less then 30 minutes from anchoring. Larger bass  have been caught on live bunker in the back of the bay.
Other methods for catching Striped Bass has been trolling. However, anglers report that bluefish have bitten off rigs making trolling a harder and more expensive method for anglers. Fish up to 24 pound have been caught on stretches. Other fish have been caught on poppers, shads, jigs and mojos. Anglers report that large bluefish are starting to come in from Jersey.
Surf Anglers have also been keeping up with the bite. Anglers off New Dorp beach and Crookes Point have been able to catch many striper. Armed with shads theses anglers have been able to catch Bass up to 25 lbs. 
With Bass Fishing showing no sign of slowing down, Staten Island Anglers are expecting an action packed season-

Written By,
Thomas Fisher 
Staten Island Tuna Club